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Natural Anxiety Reducers The Detailed Summary


Overview of Natural Anxiety ReducersNatural Anxiety Reducers

Our modern lives as we endeavor to search for our daily breads we build up a lot of stress and anxiety. Due to high level of anxiety, our immune system would diminish, with the quality of our lives following similar path and eventually leading us to depression. Hence it has become necessary to manage our anxiety in order to live a happy life. There are both artificial and natural anxiety reducers available as option for managing our stress level. Artificial anxiety reducer includes drugs made by pharmaceutical companies which in more cases than not leads to complications caused by side-effects of using such drugs. For instance, a drug like Xanax leads to side effects such as fatigue, memory & coordination problems, unusual appetite and being irritable.

When we come to natural anxiety reducers, we find a wide variety of herbs that not only are proven and tested to reduce anxiety but also serves as a good flavor food additive. These herbs go a long way in checking on the adrenaline level within the body, furthermore they strengthen the respiratory system and the heart which are the organs that bare most of the damage from anxiety.

The examples of the best natural anxiety reducers available

Red Clover: is a herb that contains a substance called phytoestrogens. This substance which is a natural estrogens found in plants relieves the symptoms of excess stress. In addition to this it reduces cholesterol levels thus diminishing chances of getting a heart attack.

Tarragon: this herb not only can it be used as food flavor additive to foods like fish or chicken but also when ingested, it has a relaxation sensation since it relieves physical pain which can be a cause for stress.

Dill: it has been known to sooth stomach cramps during the digestion process by soothing and relaxing the stomach lining and muscles. This removes the chances of ulcers forming since excess stress has been known to be a cause of stomach ulcers and other associated digestive system problems.

Rosemary: this herb known as one of the best natural anxiety reducers, has been reviewed by Science Daily to reduce stress by relieving tension in the body muscles. This leads to effective blood flow to the brain and eyes, thus improving you mental performance and a sensation of clarity.

Sage: is herb which can not only be used as a peppery flavor to meat among other foodstuff, but also Sage has been known to improve memory and enhances a sense of clarity. In addition to all of these, Sage acts as antioxidant and helps maintain healthy tissues in the human body.

St. John’s Wort: is a herb that has been known to stimulate the pituitary gland to break down the excess norepinephrine. This is a hormone that enhances the rate of the heart and advances blood flow to the skeletal muscles as associated with the body’s fight or flight reaction to environmental stimuli/threat. Release of norepinephrine is normal during vigorous physical activity or dangerous situation thus the body adapting to secure safety. Problem arises when the body continues to release such high amount of norepinephrine even when the body is in a relax mode or situation is uncalled for. This could lead to the individual being hyper even when not necessary leading to anxiety. Thus this herb called St. John’s Wort serves well as natural anxiety reducers


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